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Your Printing and Mailing Partner in Luxembourg

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Create, print and mail your business and marketing documents

Victor Buck Services helps you streamline your communications by optimizing your ability to process a large quantity of professional documents faster, securely, and efficiently. We prepare and dispatch your documents within 24 hours thanks to our industrial facility located next to POST’s mail center.

Free up time, staff and focus on your core business

Security and confidentiality guaranteed as a Support PSF and ISO27001 certified company

For your transactional mail and marketing documents

Entrust a specialist to print and mail your professional documents

Upgrade your communications with a fast, comprehensive outsourced process. Based on existing documents or data, Victor Buck Services fulfills your documents to your exact specifications.

As a sustainable partner for our clients, we favor a local, sustainable approach to our production processes and our choice of raw materials and suppliers. Today, recycled and bio-sourced envelopes are already part of our offering. Our latest research will soon allow us to process alternative papers. Enhance your ESG performance by making the right choice for your communications.

Take the pain out of your mailing operations with outsourcing

Looking for an easy and efficient solution to manage your outbound flows of corporate documents?

“Valuable advice, high quality documents, involvement and efficiency of the teams”

Frédéric GERARDIT Core Systems Package Manager, AXA Assurances Luxembourg


Unlock the power of print with our solution, enabling effortless printing and distribution of all your business and marketing documents to your clients worldwide.

We make it technologically possible to personalize printed direct mailings to help you target potential and existing customers and to boost ROI of your marketing campaigns.

With 20+ years of experience in client communication in Luxembourg, Victor Buck Services is your sustainable partner to help you get your communications to the right recipient securely and effectively, whatever the channel. In addition to mail management, we can distribute your documents via secured email, fax and repository, according to your preferences.

Make the best decision for your multichannel communications, paper or digital.

Free your